Carpe Diem

My time abroad is coming to an end, which also means that exams are coming up. At the UA I’m currently taking a Spanish literature course, and a Audiovisual course for my Comm major. Although I’ll be taking just two exams to finish off my semester, I’m beginning to feel a bit of pressure. Not only because the exams are in Spanish but, because instead of getting myself together and beginning the studying process, all I want to do is take advantage of my time here. What I mean is traveling even more than I have.

I guess that’s what happens when you study abroad in Europe. It’s a perfect excuse to buy a plane or train ticket to a different country or big city. All the countries in the continent are just a few hours from each other so why not? Compared to other students in my program, I haven’t traveled to as many places that I would have liked to. But, that was something I was completely fine with before Spring Break. However, now all I want to do is visit new places. I guess it’s because of the nice hot weather I’m experiencing right now (finally). And in reality when will I ever come back to this side of the world…no time soon at least.

In a country like Spain, you have it all. I think that’s one of the many reasons I wanted to study here. You could travel up north and experience snow, the east and get ancient cities and towns, or the west and have the Mediterranean Sea outside your door. You can just imagine how overwhelmed I am with just three weeks left. Every weekend of May I want to make it a priority to see something new even if it means going a few miles outside of Alicante center city, like when I visited Villajoyosa.


Villajoyosa: a small coastal town well known for its Valor Chocolate and colorful buildings.

Europe as a study abroad continent is a destination I definitely recommend if you’re someone who loves meeting new people, and loves the idea of having very diverse cultures only a short plane trip away. It for sure forces you to reflect on your own practices and traditions, which I love. I actually found myself doing that a lot when I came to Spain and visited Italy for Spring Break. Very often, I would be taken back whenever I would see a group of 14 year olds smoking or drinking by the beach or when I would see the same group of street beggars who are allegedly working for a mafia (I know its crazy!). It’s definitely a culture shock but thats the beauty of traveling you never stop discovering new things.

One piece of advice I would give myself five months ago would be to take advantage of every single day abroad even if it means doing things you don’t want to do for what ever reason because five months will definitely fly by. And now that I’m in my last month of living in Spain, I will treasure the memories and people I’ve met along the way forever!

Thanks for reading my last blog post!


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