Palm Tree Paradise

If you know me well enough, you would know the love I have for palm trees. So much so, that I considered getting a palm tree as my first tattoo once.

Going back to my application process for Alicante, I remember searching up pictures of the city, and having hundreds of palm tree pictures pop up. At that moment I knew that I was meant to be in Alicante. Fascinated by the idea of seeing these majestic trees every time I would walk out of my house just made me even more excited. This then led me to come across Alicante’s palm tree park!

I personally never knew there was such a thing, but it was music to my ears. This was definitely something I jotted down in my Spain To-Do list. But, fast forward to being in Alicante for four months, I somehow completely forgot about the park due to the strange weather occurring in Spain. January and February were definitely one of the coldest months Alicante residents have ever experienced in their entire lives living here.

When the end of March had rolled around and the weather wasn’t warming up, my host family would always say how strange it was for them too. They’d reassure me that during this time the weather would reach a low 70 degrees Fahrenheit. At this point, warm weather with very little wind was something I looked forward to every morning. Luckily, after getting back to Alicante after my Spring break trip, the weather finally started acting like it should have a month ago.

Then one day, myself and a couple of friends came up with a great idea, to visit el Palmeral de Alicante for the day. With a ride from one of my friends host parent, we actually went to a much bigger park called el Huerto del Cura in Elche. Elche is a small town a few miles out of Alicante city. Nothing about it was drastically different from Alicante except for the fact that it has a large botanical garden with thousands of palm trees inside it!

In the park, you can choose from various trails that lead you to the most interesting palm trees. During my visit I was able to see and read about the most weirdly shaped trees. Below are some pictures of them with their description.

Aside from all the trees, I also caught a look at a very beautiful fountain.

If I’m not mistaken the tiles on the floor represent the seals of noble families from the region. The tiles on the fountain I believe were hand painted, giving the fountain a nice aesthetic.

So if you ever visit Alicante make sure to go to the Palm tree park or el Huerto del Cura on a sunny warm day because it’ll make you appreciate the beauty of nature. Not only was it a nice way to separate myself from the city, but also a great opportunity to get awesome pictures.



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