Spring Break

Spring break is among us and I could not have any been happier. Wednesday was the last day of classes, which meant that I only had to go to school for my 1 hour class. When I arrived to the UA it was a bit deserted, there were less students around than the norm. That wasn’t at all surprising because it was also the day of Alicante’s Paellas Festival. This festival has only been around for 7 years, but it’s a huge part of Alicante’s university culture. It’s a festival where music artists and DJs come and perform for Alicante college students. So in other words it’s like their Spring Concert. Many of the Spanish students I’ve meant have done nothing but encourage me to go.

As you may have envisioned, I went straight to the Paellas Festival after class, on Wednesday morning. When I got there the line was insane and there was still 20 mins left for the gates to open. The sun that day was so hot, so waiting in line was no fun. Once I made it through security, I ran over to one of the three stages set up. There was a stage that played electric rock, another that had a live band, and a stage dedicated to popular hit songs. By 1pm there had to be at least 10,000 students in attendance, all cramped up inside a fenced abandoned lot. Long story short, myself and thousands of other people danced, sang songs, ate Paella, and had color dust thrown at us for hours.

On a more mellow note, throughout the entire week there were Processions going on in the streets of Alicante in dedication of the Holy Week. Although I wasn’t able to see much of the statues walk by, I did catch the Virgin Mary. A

The picture doesn’t do any justice. From the flowers to the detail in the Virgin Mary’s cloak was so beautiful. The interesting part is that there were probably 6 or 8 men carrying the statue underneath. During the procession, you could see their feet scurrying down the streets of Alicante from underneath the red cloth.

The amount of people that filled the streets this past week come from all over Europe. The processions during the Holy Week are very important for the majority of Alicante’s population. This statement can be hard to believe because most of Alicante or Spain period don’t practice the Catholic religion like their elders do.

Fast forward to Sunday, I’m in Milan, Italy enjoying only the beginning of my Spring Break!



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