I just completed my second language course! And as a reward, my program and I took a trip to Granada for the weekend. Having spent the last month without leaving Alicante, it was nice to get a change of scenery.

Granada is a well known city south of Spain, known for its great Islamic culture. If you don’t know already, Granada was surrendered by Muslim Ruler Emir Muhammad XII to the famous Catholic Monarchs Fernando V and Isabella I in 1492. Because of this, most of the architecture and art of Granada is Islamic, with the most famous example of it being the Alhambra.

In its day the Alhambra was a city within Granada that held a palace and a fortress with few inhabitants living within its walls. But before I run off and try to explain what the Alhambra looks like, here are some pictures instead. The entrance

Patio de los Leones (Courtyard of the Lions)

Detailed work on beautiful ceiling.

The Garden

The cold, rainy weather gave The Alhambra a romantic feel.

Oh and yes…that rectangle was once a toilet.

Everything in the Alhambra took a total of 200 years to build. Today only certain parts of what once was a city are preserved today for visitors from all over the world to see.

Moving on…

Besides Granada being such a beautiful city with such rich art and history, the food is just as amazing! Whats even better are their Tapas. If you thought tapas in Alicante were cheap, you got it all wrong! When you purchase a drink you get a free Tapa and the portion size is very appropriate. So what I’m trying to say is that you can basically get yourself a meal with 5 euros!

Costillas con barbecoa, chorizo, patatas y pan.

I can honestly keep talking about how great of a weekend I had in Granada but I’ll just save the rest for another time. Scroll back up and marvel at the beautiful pictures because I just can’t do it myself.



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