Last weekend I had the pleasure of joining in on the Carnaval festivities that happens every year in Alicante. When you first think of Carnaval, you might assume that it’s much like Brazil’s Carnaval. Well, it’s not…entirely. The Alicantinos refer to it as their ‘Mardi Gras’. The celebration runs from Feb. 8 through the 18.

In the span of those 10 days different activities for both children and adults are scheduled. Alicante is filled with live music, costume contests, small shows, and lots of food and drinks. Even though Carnival runs for about a week, most of the fun happens on Saturday. This year, people of all ages dressed up, I’m talking people as old as 80 years old were walking the streets dressed as babies! I’ve never seen anything like that not even on Halloween where young people are the ones who choose to dress up. Streets of La Rambla were blocked off for bars, concert stages, and everyone had some sort of costume on from cute bumble bees to outrageously politically incorrect ones (which I was forewarned about)!

I myself, dressed up as a Leopard, nothing too attention grabbing. Throughout Saturday night, I’ve begun to realize that in Spain, Saturday night of Carnaval is the only time where everyone is free to be who they want to be even if it’s extremely offensive. Thousands of people filled Center city of Alicante and danced the night away even if that meant staying up until 7am the next day (teens included). The nightlife is really strong in Spain, people don’t seem to get tired by 2am because that’s usually when the decide to go out with their friends.

Overall, Carnaval 2018 was really fun!


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