Making the Effort

Spanish Class

I can’t believe it has been an entire month! I’ve met so many people, experienced a lot of culture and traveled a whole ton. In a month, I’ve even completed my first Spanish language course (hopefully I passed). You’re probably thinking what exactly do you learn and test for in a month? Well, with 3 hours of endless Spanish grammar everyday of the week, you learn…a lot. And for the last few weeks that’s exactly what I’ve been doing along side other international students.

My professor said that what we learned in one month is equivalent to a whole year of Spanish in the states. So, you can just envision how much I tried to keep up with every unit. Even though a lot of what was taught was a quick review of what I learned in the past, I actually had to work hard. And for the exam I did just that, I studied the night before and the morning of, trying to remember all the grammar rules we had learned. For the test day, I made sure to take my time. Now it’s a matter of waiting for my results 🙂

The Real Deal

As part of the integrated program, I had to enroll in an actual course at the university. A course taught in complete Spanish, and where I’d most likely be the only international student in the room. Before coming to Spain, the idea was pretty cool and easy to do. I thought I’ll just take the class, pass, and get the credits I need. I didn’t really think about all the little things that go into having an enjoyable semester in a foreign country where the university structure and language is totally different!

I mean…I took a two week class on how to succeed in a Spanish university. From how to properly ask for an early exam to finding out that it’s disrespectful to eat snacks in class. So it was bound to be a challenge.

This week I actually had my first lecture and practicum for a course called Techniques for Audiovisual Communication. We only meet twice a week, and the first day I attended I was a bit shocked. The professor, and the students were speaking so fast, it was hard to keep up. I also failed to remember that I actually have to make the effort and make friends, or else I’ll just dread going to class. I haven’t done it yet but thats because I was trying to feel things out before approaching people. Next week, for sure I’ll integrate myself more, I promise.



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