Spontaneous Traveling

Why not?

If you know me, I’m the type of person that is willing to try new things as long as I know what exactly I’m getting myself into. You know..the little details like how much is the travel ticket, at what time are we leaving, what exactly are we going to see? But since I’ve been here I feel like I’ve just been going with the flow. Going back to my second week here I’ve already traveled outside of Alicante when I went to Valencia, but I gone even farther…Barcelona!

To be honest, I didn’t list Barcelona as one of the first cities to travel to on my own. But, thankfully with spontaneous planning and an awesome travel buddy it was made possible. The process? Well, it went something like this:

-“I really want to go to Barcelona.”

-“Really? Me too!”

-“We should go together!”

-“When though?…Next weekend?”


After making the decision to go together, we both spent the next four days researching the best train tickets, and an Airbnb in the heart of Barcelona. By Wednesday evening we were set to leave Alicante Friday after class and spend the weekend there.

What exactly did I do there?

To put it into small words I did a little of everything. First spot on the list was La Sagrada Familia, and let me just say it was a good 13€ spent. The structure, history and spirit of the temple was breathtaking! I’ve never seen anything like it. The very famous architect of the unfinished temple, Antoni Gaudí is even laid to rest inside the property.

The next spot was El Parc de Ciutadella. But before that I saw the “huge arch” (not sure if it has a fancy name) standing in the middle of the street. Fortunately for my travel buddy and I we witnessed a huge protest for what might’ve been equal pay. Thousands of people were chanting and fireworks were being ignited. From the looks of the picture below I made sure to keep my distance… just to be safe.

Okay so back to the park. All I can say is that it was gorgeous! The beautiful fountains, statues, trees and music just added to the wonderful time I was having. Honestly, no words can be used to describe its beauty, so I’ll just show you.

Oh and yes there was a dance class practicing in the Park.

Then on the last day, Sunday I went to Park Güell for 2 hours and on our way back home to Alicante I stopped by and got to see Casa Batlló (another of Gaudi’s work in Barcelona). In between places I was able to sit down and eat at different cafe’s and restaurants too!

Overall, Barcelona was a great, spontaneous and short trip!


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