Abrupt Changes

With new places comes new experiences. 


Carpe Diem

My time abroad is coming to an end, which also means that exams are coming up. At the UA I'm currently taking a Spanish literature course, and a Audiovisual course for my Comm major. Although I'll be taking just two exams to finish off my semester, I'm beginning to feel a bit of pressure. Not … Continue reading Carpe Diem

Santa Faz

As a country, Spain is filled with culture and traditions. And within each region, there is typically an anual tradition they are specifically known for. In my past blog, I talked about Las Fallas of Valencia, but this week's blog is dedicated to Alicante's very own Fiesta de Santa Faz. La Fiesta of Santa Faz … Continue reading Santa Faz


I just completed my second language course! And as a reward, my program and I took a trip to Granada for the weekend. Having spent the last month without leaving Alicante, it was nice to get a change of scenery. Granada is a well known city south of Spain, known for its great Islamic culture. … Continue reading Granada